‘Did he really just say that?’ John Legend on pap’s RACIST remark


Last week Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to share her dismay over the lengths some paparazzi will go to in order to provoke a reaction from high-profile personalities.

Drawing on her own experience, the popular model revealed that her husband, John Legend, had been recently compared to a monkey by a clamouring photographer while making his way through JFK international airport.

And over the weekend, the All Of Me singer chose to discuss the shocking incident while speaking to Variety.

"We looked at each other like 'Did he really just say that?'' And he really said it." John recalled. "He basically called me a monkey."

"Black folks have had to deal with being called monkeys for a long time and dehumanisation has always been kind of a method of racism and subjugation of black people and that’s just part of American history – and it’s part of the present, apparently," he continued.

In an articulate assessment of treatment experienced by the former US President during his time in office, John continued: "We saw with the former president, Obama, whenever people wanted to discount him or discount his wife, they compared them to apes"

"And we’ve seen that frequently," he argued.

Adding that he refuses to allow racism to dictate his outlook on life, John added: "I’m not hurt by someone saying that to me because I’m smarter, I’m stronger."

"I look down on that person that would say something like that. But it’s a shame that it still exists," he reasoned.