What’s going on with Ellen and Portia?


While we never like to hear that any of our favourite couples are going through a rough patch, a tiny part of us DOES like to know that they MIGHT just be like the rest of us. Take Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, for example. It’s been reported that the much-loved couple were on their way to a charity event on Sunday night when they got in a right humdinger of a row and felt there was no option, but to turn around and go home.

The Saving SPOT! Fundraiser in Santa Monica had listed the famous couple as the event’s hosts for the evening, but were apparently only officially informed of their non-attendance after the event had taken place, with the couple claiming ‘logistics’ meant they had to bow out.

Portia and Ellen are far from pleased with the latest story, however, which raises questions about both the couple’s professional behaviour as well as their personal life. In response to the reports, the ladies claim that they were happy to lend their names to the organisation, but say: “The organisation was always aware that we would be unable to attend.”

Further to this, Ellen’s attorney Marty Singer said: “There was no fight that caused them not to attend.”

Oooh, what’s going on? We can’t imagine what came up that stopped Ellen, a well-known animal lover and supporter, from attending the charity event.