Decorating cheats to make tiny bedrooms look bigger!


Whether you're living at home or paying crazy prizes for an apartment that's essentially a shoe box, you'll know that sometimes we just can't have the dream bedroom we want.

Space might not be at a premium, but it's easy to invite light into a room and create the illusion of a bigger area.

Here are a few decorating tips to get you started…

1. Choose your curtains wisely
Swap out those dowdy dark curtains for lighter colours, or match the curtains to the colour of your walls. Sheer drapes are a great way to ensure your room gets as much light as possible – not a great idea if you're a light sleeper though!

2. Avoid heavier furniture
Having beds, chairs and sofas on legs rather than close to the floor is a great way to bring more light and space into a room. We love this raised grey bed… so cosy!

3. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!
A big mirror isn't just great for checking yourself out, it's a brilliant way to double the size of a room, too. Hang a large mirror or lean it against a wall to make your room appear instantly larger.

4. Declutter
Small rooms have to be kept organised and tidy or they will always feel claustrophobic. Have regular clear-outs and be clever with your storage – wicker baskets or canvas boxes can be kept under beds or in wardrobes, giving you more floor space.

5. Make your ceiling stand out
Drawing the eye up to the ceiling is an easy way to make your room seem wider and bigger. Add unusual architectural details or a stand-put light fixture, or simply paint your ceiling a lighter colour than the rest of the room.