David Oyelowo defends friend Benedict after controversy


Earlier this week, Benedict Cumberbatch was forced to make an apology after he referred to black actors as ‘coloured’ – sparking outrage online and in the media. The term is considrerd outdated and offensive, which Benedict acknowledged in his apology later that day. 

Now, Benedict’s friend and fellow British actor, David Oyelowo has come to his defence, telling The Big Issue that the entire this is ‘nonsensical’: “You only have to look at the point Benedict was making to realise that to accuse him of racism, to accuse him of anything other than a beautiful gesture is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.”

The Selma actor went on to say that to brand Benedict’s message as ‘racist’ completely obscured the message he had been trying to make in the first place: “He has no dog in that fight. He is one of the premier white actors, not just in the UK, but in the world. And he has done something truly beautiful in saying this situation isn't right. To attack him for that is so self-defeating. It obscures the message. It saddens me.”

Do you agree with how people reacted to Benedict's words?