Daniel O’Donnell investigates Donegal’s best kept secret in hilarious ad

Gallaghers Bakehouse partners with Donegal legend, Daniel O’Donnell to celebrate the nationwide launch of their new range of uniquely handcrafted sourdough breads and introduce their new campaign, Bread Made Better, The Secret is Out. Gallaghers Bakehouse has been baking delicious fresh bread since 1968 in the picturesque village of Ardara, Co Donegal but this exciting new range boasts all the benefits of sourdough goodness, fermented for a light texture and flavoursome taste whilst full of fibre, offering a bread that is not just tastier but also healthier too. The new range is available in select Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Supervalu, Spar, Centra stores nationwide.

Speaking about the campaign, Daniel O’Donnell said: “I’m delighted to be working with Gallagher’s Bakehouse to launch their exciting new range and nationwide campaign, Bread Made Better, The Secret is out. Gallaghers Bakehouse is a staple in my kitchen. It’s fantastic to be working alongside a brand that has such strong ties to Donegal, and to see its continued growth and success.”

To support the campaign, Gallaghers Bakehouse has revealed a new ad featuring Daniel O’Donnell uncovering Donegal’s best kept secret. In a light-hearted video, Daniel is seen chatting with locals all of whom are desperate to hide the secret, in the end though, Daniel wins out and reveals that the handcrafted sourdough of Gallaghers Bakehouse is indeed one of Donegal’s best kept secrets.

Using only the simplest ingredients and time the innovative range includes products packed full of health benefits including high fibre, low sugar, good gut health, digestive, and vitamin boosts.

Greta Hammel, Chief Marketing Officer for Gallaghers Bakehouse: “We are really proud of this exciting new range from Gallaghers Bakehouse and delighted that people across the country can now enjoy a healthier and tastier bread choice. We have developed sourdough breads that work to answer consumers every day needs and we’ve been blown away by the initial reaction to it. We’re thrilled to partner with Donegal legend Daniel O’Donnell to celebrate this next step in our growth.”

To further support the launch, Gallaghers Bakehouse bread has also partnered with Donegal’s finest, GAA Icon, Michael Murphy and Miss Universe and Dancing with the Stars 2020 contestant Grainne Gallanagh.

Speaking about the campaign Michael Murphy said: “Donegal pride runs through my blood, so I am delighted to partner with Gallaghers Bakehouse to celebrate the launch of this new range and the new campaign, Bread Made Better, The Secret is Out. It’s a winning range for me and my family giving the perfect combination of tastier and healthier breads. I look forward to seeing Gallaghers Bakehouse becoming a success nationwide”.

Speaking about the campaign Grainne Gallanagh said: “I am thrilled to be taking part in the Bread Made Better, The secret is Out campaign with Gallagher’s bakehouse. Everyone knows I am Donegal obsessed, so any opportunity to speak about all the amazing things we have in Donegal, I’m up for it. Of course, this new range from Gallaghers Bakehouse is one of them, so this partnership is the perfect one for me.”