Dani Dyer shares dad Danny’s reaction when he met her partner

Dani Dyer has recalled the moment her father Danny Dyer met her partner!

Dani, who found fame on Love Island in 2018, started dating West Ham footballer Jarrod Bowen in November 2021. 

The couple have since gone on to welcome twin daughters Summer and Star, who were born in May 2023. Dani is also a mum to her three-year-old son Santiago from a previous relationship.


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Now, three years into her relationship with Jarrod, Dani has been detailing the moment her dad met Jarrod for the first time.

Dani recently appeared on the Daily Mail’s Straight to the Comments! podcast, where she was quizzed on her life. Speaking to hosts Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, the 27-year-old was asked how Danny took the news of her new relationship.

“It was fine! He sort of knew of Jarrod anyway, because Jarrod plays for a team that he supports. My dad supports West Ham,” she teased.


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“Listen, people always say, ‘Oh, I bet your dad loves that because you’re dating someone from West Ham’, but he could be a total a**hole, do you know what I mean? And he’s not, so I think that was just a bonus. The West Ham thing was a bonus,” she gushed further.

Later in her interview, the reality star was asked if she regrets going on Love Island.

“I loved it! It was one of the best summers of my life, I’ve always said it,” Dani confessed, adding: “If I could relive a summer, it would be that one.”

However, she went on to note that her dad’s reaction after she signed up for Love Island was “horrendous, he didn’t speak to me really.”

“There were rumours that I was going on it and I didn’t really know if I was, and then he said it to me and originally, I said, ‘No dad, I won’t go on that’, and then I was like, completely lying to him. Then a week before I went on it, I told him that I was going,” she exclaimed.