Crack open joy with Lily O’Brien’s luxurious Easter egg collection

As Easter approaches, the excitement is palpable, and what better way to celebrate than with the delectable offerings from Lily O’Brien’s? This season, Lily O’Brien’s invites you to indulge in a luxurious hand-crafted collection of Easter Eggs, perfect for treating yourself or gifting your loved ones. From the classic favourites to exciting new additions, there's something for everyone in their Easter lineup.

Pouch Egg Range

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Lily O’Brien’s presents its pouch egg range, featuring beloved flavours such as Crispy Heart, Sticky Toffee, Mallow and Cookies, and Zesty Orange. These eggs are designed to melt in your mouth, whether enjoyed in the morning, noon, or night. What's more, the packaging has undergone an eco-friendly transformation, with 100% recyclable boxes and the removal of plastic egg holders, resulting in a reduction of 2 tonnes of plastic this year.

Truffles Eggs

For truffle enthusiasts, rejoice! Lily O’Brien’s has created the ultimate treat this Easter season with two new Truffles Easter Eggs: Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Truffles Egg. Each hand-crafted large Milk Chocolate Egg comes with either Salted Caramel or Milk chocolate twist-wrapped truffles, offering a decadent delight for the discerning palate.

Large Luxury Eggs

Back by popular demand, Lily O’Brien’s presents a range of five large Easter Egg recipes, including the much-loved Desserts Collection Egg, along with signature favourites like Sticky Toffee, Crispy Honeycomb Heart, Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Mega Milk eggs. Each hand-crafted milk chocolate egg is accompanied by a generous selection of chocolates, promising a truly indulgent Easter experience.

Easter Gift Bag

Looking to impress this Easter? Look no further than the Lily O’Brien’s Easter gift bag, a perfect blend of luxury and deliciousness. This delightful gift includes Lily O’Brien’s Milk Chocolate Egg with honeycomb crispy heart chocolates, the beautifully wrapped Ultimate Chocolate Collection, and two Lily O’Brien’s share bags. It’s the ultimate Easter treat that will surely make you the hero of the holiday.

Premium Flame Wrap Egg

For something truly special, indulge in the Lily O’Brien’s Honeycomb Flame Wrap Egg. This milk chocolate egg is infused with delicious honeycomb pieces throughout the eggshell, accompanied by four signature recipe crispy heart chocolates inside. With its unique flame-wrapped packaging tied with a bow, this egg offers a delightful twist on tradition, making it a standout choice for Easter gifting.

All Lily O’Brien’s collections are proudly made in Ireland and are available in stores nationwide and online at This Easter, make it a memorable one with Lily O’Brien’s irresistible range of hand-crafted chocolates.