Courteney Cox DEFENDS Jen Aniston after Brangelina split

In the wake of Angelina Jolie’s shock divorce filing, the Internet reacted as appropriately as expected by sharing memes, GIFs and videos of Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

But while the Mother’s Day actress has remained tight-lipped on the high profile split, her good friend and former co-star Courteney Cox has come forward to ask people to leave Jen out of the Brangelina drama.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Cougar Town star said Brad’s marriage trouble has nothing to do with her 47-year-old friend.

“It’s not about her,” she said.  “I feel like we’re exacerbating it by even talking about it.”

Jen’s current partner, Justin Theroux, issued a similar message recently when he said the very inclusion of his wife’s name in the Brangelina divorce commentary is “nonsense”.

During an interview with Business Insider, he said: “There are bigger things to b*tch about.”

“It's shocking how much bandwidth things can take up when there are far more important things going on in the world.”

“As a child of divorce, all I can say is, that's terrible news for those children and that's all you can really say,” he continued.

“It's boring to comment on anything else. People are having a bad time – that's horrible.”

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Brad and Angelina: Getty

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