Could a Gilmore Girls film be a possibility?


Gilmore Girls fans could be delighted to know that a film version of the hit show could be a possibility.

Actress, Lauren Graham who played Lorelai Gilmore on the show was on reddit discussing the release of her new book Someday, Someday, Maybe.

Fans of course were more interested to know what it was like to work on the noughties show.

Lauren said she loved working on the show and that she will always have a special bond with actress Alexis Bledel who played Lorelai’s daughter Rory on the show.

But when asked if there could be a Gilmore Girls film, Lauren said: “If a movie version could be as good as we’d all want it to be, I’d love to play that character again.”

But fans shouldn’t think about booking tickets just yet, as the actress said she doesn’t know if there would be a film but definitely wants to know what happened to Lorelai’s character.