‘Contoured the sh*t out of it’ So, this Irish MUA gave her BF full rein

When it comes to beauty routines and boyfriends, the only time we generally request their involvement is during fake tan application.

They are permitted to swipe (why do they do that?) aimlessly at our backs with a mitt (blend, for Jaysus sake, blend!), but that’s where the collaborative effort comes to an abrupt end.

So, hats off to make- up artist, Keilidh, who bravely allowed her boyfriend Darren to use her face as a blank canvass during a recent tutorial she uploaded to Facebook.

And the lad didn’t disappoint.

Between showing the viewer (the wrong end of) the brush and assuring Keilidh he was going to "contour the sh*t out of it", this lad is going places.

And we’re going to let Darren take it from here…