Company faces major backlash over it’s ‘diet-friendly’ food journals


A small UK-based stationary company has come under fire recently following the release of it's 'diet friendly' food diaries.

The planners, designed and produced by Fox & Moon, are branded with a variety of insensitive slogans that many people believe could encourage eating disorders. 


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Plus sized fashion blogger, Lottie L'Amour, described the journals as ''unacceptable.'' 

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the Londoner explained: "Fox & Moon are currently making a profit from bullying women into thinking that they need to be thin to succeed, be beautiful, and be desirable." 

''I don't think [Fox & Moon] realises that words like this can trigger damaging eating habits that can lead to serious health problems and death in some cases.''

Also speaking to BuzzFeed News, Bethany Rutter, social editor for Navabi, said the journals are ''reinforcing and reaffirming a way of living your life that links your self-worth to your weight and are completely regressive.''

She continued, "I hate that it's someone's job to condense the weight loss industry and cultural fatphobia into twee sentences to stick on the cover of a notebook and monetise the hatred that women (yes, specifically women) feel for their bodies."

However, not everyone feels the same way. 

Some fans of the products have been defending the company's owner. 

So, what do you think? – It this a case of 'fitspo' gone too far or are people being too sensitive?

Feature Image: Fox & Moon Instagram