Coffee shops around the world that you need to visit


If you love nothing more than sitting in a cafe with a delicious, flavoursome cup of coffee then you need to head to these places.

Reamy Camera Cafe, Yangpyeong, South Korea
A coffee shop that looks like a giant camera? What’s not to love! Although, we think it resembles a speaker more than a camera…

Cafe Grumpy, New York City
Lena Dunham worked here as a barista in Girls so we are definitely popping in for a coffee the next time we’re in New York. Plus it’s called Cafe Grumpy – amazing!

Screaming Beans, Amsterdam
This cafe is not as scary as it sounds. It is a sleek and cool place to while away the afternoon.

Kronotrop, Istanbul
You can get coffees from all over the world in this one spot including Nicaragua and Ethiopia – amazing.

Coffee Kiosk, Dublin
You have definitely driven past this, but next time you do park the car and pop in. With beans sourced from around the world, this tiny takeaway coffee shop needs to be on your morning run.