Clumsy drinker? This glass will be your new best friend

While some (boring) people in this world might have stopped spilling drinks around the time they finished wearing nappies, us eternally clumsy folk are not so lucky.

Glass of hot mulled wine? That'll be down your top within 2.5 seconds. Vibrantly coloured cocktail? Oh, I hope you don't plan on keeping that cream dress clean.

If the above sounds painfully familiar, this new invention will be the answer to your prayers. The Saturn Wine Glass is a tumbler with a rounded base to prevent it from toppling over:

Gesture to your hearts content, fling those elbows around, shake that bum as you walk past the table – this baby ain't going anywhere.

Although the glass is technically for wine, who says you can't use it for every other drink too? When you're a hazard to yourself on a night out, every little helps.

If you're a seasoned wine connoisseur who likes their drink at the exact right temperature, this mightn't be for you, as the lack of a stem means your hands will soon warm the liquid up. But if you're a standard clumsy drinker who doesn't care if their wine is a few degrees warmer than normal, happy days!