Clever ways to reuse old scarves


If you have old scarves lying about that you never wear but still can’t bear to part with, use these tips and recreate something fab!

1. Pillows
Put your sewing skills to the test and create a unique pillow for your couch or bed.

2. Stylish camera sling
If you’re going on holiday or travelling, create a stylish and comfy sling for holding your camera around your neck.

3. Pictures
If you have a particularly pretty patterned scarf then why not frame it and hang it on your wall.

4. Skirt
A scarf can make the perfect skirt – just make sure it’s secure! If you like it enough you can always make the change permanent with a sewing machine.

5. Belt
Twist your scarf around a belt for a burst of colour and pattern on a plain outfit.

6. Ballet bows
Dress up your plain ballet flats with a cute bow made from the fabric of an old scarf.