Church of Sweden to use gender-neutral terms when referring to God


The Church of Sweden has made headlines in recent days following an announcement that they intend to employ gender-neutral terms when referring to God.

In an effort to stay in keeping with an increasingly inclusive society, the Church will forego the traditional male pronoun over the course of the next six months.

Lena Sjostrand, the chaplain of Lund Cathedral, elaborated on the progressive move, while Antje Jackelen, the Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala, explained that the church has always considered God to have both male and female attributes.

Speaking to PBS News Hour, Lena said: "We have consciousness about gender questions, which is stronger in our time than it has been before."

"Of course, this has had an impact on theology and on church life and pastoral reflection," she added.

According to The Independent, the expression “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” will be replaced by “In God the Trinity’s name."

The move has generated criticism from some corners of society, and it has been established that priests will not be forced to change language in church, but have been encouraged to do so.