Christmas Day survival guide


Asa much as we love our family, sometimes Christmas Day can become a little overwhelming. Here are some things that might help you get through it to Stephen’s Day when you can hopefully emerge unscathed.

Chocolate releases endorphins, making you feel happy. Stack up on Roses, selection boxes and Chocolate Kimberley to keep your good mood up even when your brother keeps hitting you with his new pellet gun.

Trying to watch TV with your nan is literally impossible. Make sure you don’t miss any of the good bits as she tells you all about Paddy’s daughter Sheila who’s rolling in the dough over in Dubai by ensuring your remote has fresh batteries. This way you can record and pause anything you need. Yay for technology!

Back-up food
There’s a chance your mom might forget to put the turkey in the oven (again) and get dirty looks off your granny all day (again) so why not help the woman out and grab a roast chicken the day before just in case.

Double layered biscuit tins ONLY
Are you trying to cause a riot? On that note, move all of the biscuit tins that have been retired to sewing kits out of sight to avoid that horrible sinking feeling.

Christmas movies
Have a stack of Christmas movies ready and waiting to start the exciting day ahead. Unless you want to be stuck watching Puss In Boots.