Christina Hendricks’ curves once caused a bike accident


Christina Hendricks has become famous across the world for her curves, but it seems the star’s gorgeous figure once caused a small traffic accident.

Hendricks who was appearing on the chat show Conan revealed that when she was visiting friends in England a few years ago, her curvy figure may have unintentionally caused a bike accident.

The Mad Men star said she was waiting for friends outside a pub when a cyclist came by and was so unable to stop staring at Christina, that he ended up crashing his bike and landing on the curb.

“This guy was riding a bike by and he starts staring at me. Louis is watching it from a distance and he said the whole thing went in slow-mo. The guy just hit the curb and flew off his bike into the street. But this was one incident!”

Well with a gorgeous figure like that Christina, it’s easy to understand why the cyclist couldn’t keep his eyes on the road.