Chrissy Teigen ‘in trouble’ after mortifying husband on camera

Chrissy Teigen has gotten herself into a bit of trouble with her husband John Legend! The super hot couple were on the red carpet for last weekend’s Grammy Awards when the model managed to mortify her poor, shy hubby – before abandoning him in front of the camera!

Chrissy and John were chatting to Extra reporters when they were asked: “What was the most public place you did it?” to which Chrissy said, without skipping a beat: “Probably the Obama thing.”

Eh…what?! Like, as in The White House?! Now that’s a bucket list item ticked off isn’t it…

However, John did not appreciate his wife’s candid answer and stood in front of the camera dumbfounded before simply stating: “We’re not gonna discuss that.”

Chrissy then told the camera she was in trouble for her honesty before adding that the erm, action did not occur at The White House.