Chris Brown’s aunt is held at gunpoint at his €5m home


Virginia-born rapper Chris Brown was the target of a robbery earlier this morning. 

His Los Angeles house was hit early on Wednesday at around 2am local time by a group of robbers who invaded his property and held his aunt at gun point. 

The group then locked his aunt in a closet in the home while they rooted through the entire house looking for valuables. 

The incident took place in the new home Chris recently bough in swish San Fernando Valley area although he was not in the house at the time. 


First night I'm actually sleepy. goodnight turds

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According to TMZ, three armed men entered the house and put a gun to Chris's aunts face and forced her into the wardrobe. According to police, they took money and other items of value from the house before fleeing. 

The aunt called emergency services as soon as she could but by the time someone arrived, the men had fleed.

This state of the art home is worth almost €5m, and Chris has recently been showing it off on Instagram. 


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