Chloe Madeley admits huge online change with daughter Bodhi

Chloe Madeley has revealed the reason why she is reducing her daughter’s appearances on social media.

The fitness trainer, who is the daughter of TV legends Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, is currently a mum to one-year-old Bodhi. Chloe co-parents her daughter with her ex James Haskell, following their marriage split in September.

Now, as she continues to adjust to life as a single mum, Chloe has admitted that she plans to scale back featuring her 18-month-old daughter on social media.

Yesterday, the 36-year-old took to her Instagram stories and asked her 298K followers to submit questions for a Q&A.

After being asked about Bodhi, Chloe replied: “My little happy psycho”.

The proud mum went on to write: “I won’t be posting about B as much as I have, many reasons why, but rest assured she is happy and healthy x”.

Following the unexpected update, another fan quizzed Chloe by asking: “Why no more Bodhi? I love her!”, to which she replied with a five point list.

“1. She’s getting older and about to start nursery,” she wrote. 

“2. Some people on social media are a**holes and don’t see nuance or context, only openings to have a totally unnecessary say/dig,” Chloe admitted.

Addressing her recent split, she noted: “3. I’m a single mother and my mental health under that umbrella is far more important than what a random on social media thinks.”

“4. She’s no longer merely an extension of me, she’s her own little person, and she deserves privacy,” Chloe penned, before concluding: “5. This doesn’t mean that she’ll be entirely absent, just that a big step back is appropriate now.”

Speaking on Loose Women last month, Chloe previously elaborated on the “sadness” of her marriage ending, one year after welcoming Bodhi.

“It was very much like, ‘Oh, we’re not going to have the family that we thought we would have,’” she detailed.

“But I did also think, she's so little that it's better now, rather than to keep flogging a dead horse,” she continued.