‘Chillingly false’: You HAVE to watch the Avicii doc on Netflix

Netflix is releasing a documentary that takes a look at the life of DJ Avicii.

Eight months after his untimely death at 28 years of age, it is a heartbreaking watch. 

The documentary, Avicii: True Stories, was filmed over four years, and there are unsettling statements made throughout including Avicii himself saying, ''There was never an end to the shows, even when I hit a wall. My life is all about stress."

He even states towards the end of the doc that the stressful touring ''will kill me.''

Real name Tim Bergling, the DJ was found dead in April 2018 in Oman. 

It was later confirmed as suicide, with his family saying that he ''could not go on any longer."

Avicii's manager, Ash Pournouri also said, "Tim is going to die, with all the interviews, radio tours and playing. He'll drop dead."

The final scenes from the documentary were supposed to be celebratory and show the DJ chilling on a beach in Madagascar. 

However, it was filmed and had a limited release after Avicii took a break from touring but before he died.

Now the tragic ending, in the words of the director, is ''chillingly false.''

Originally only intended for a limited release in Europe, Avicii: True Stories will be released on Netflix for streaming in the US. and the UK on December 28.