Cheryl turns on fellow X-Factor judges


Things are getting a little bit heated in the X-Factor judges tent now that Cheryl Fernandez-Versin is back on the show.

First on Cheryl's agenda was Spice Girls’ Mel B who was mocked as “Softie Spice” for her kindness to the contestants.

Then she turned on Louis Walsh, upping the ante on the standard insult of two-faced – calling him “50-faced”. That’s a lot of faces, even for Louis.

Cheryl's next victim wasn’t the final judge, Simon Cowell, but the audience!

Booing her for her choice of which 6 contestants to bring to the Judges house, Cheryl blew a raspberry shouting, “Oh boo you!”

"If I had six girls who all sang amazingly it would be boring to watch.”

"I want characters, I want personality.”

Yikes. Hopefully she’s a bit friendlier to the contestants she did pick.