Cheryl opens up about her ‘horrible’ marriage split


It’s great to see her happy now, but Cheryl Cole…sorry…just Cheryl, has opened up about her painful break-up from ex-hubby Ashley Cole.

Cheryl and footballer Ashley divorced in 2010, with Cheryl citing “unreasonable behaviour” as the reason for their break-up.

And now the singer, who secretly wed Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini on July 7th, has opened up about how she felt after her first marriage ended.

She said, “[I felt] horrible, numb, to the point where you don’t feel happy things; you don’t feel bad things.

“I was borderline. I was walking crazyville. I had no fire in me belly. I didn’t feel passionate anymore. Just a bit dead. Getting out of bed was difficult.”

However, the X Factor judge was determined to stay strong!

She added, “You know what I also realised these past years? I refuse to let somebody else’s s**ty behaviour change me fundamentally. So because you treat me like s**t, I’m not going to become bitter and twisted.

“I’m going to remain the person I am, with the values and beliefs that I had, and let you deal with your s**t.”

When asked why she chose not to revert back to her maiden name of Tweedy after the split, she said, “Because that feels like the old, old me. It’s like an old like. And it doesn’t feel like his name anymore.

“[It feels] like I own it. And I’ve built a lot of my life around it.”

Good on ya Cheryl!