Chef designs a burger that tastes like human flesh!

Chef James Thomlinson has created burgers that taste as close as possible to human flesh as a promo for the fifth series of The Walking Dead.

James hasn’t tasted human meat himself of course, but based the recipe on descriptions of the taste of human flesh as described by cannibals.

“My food is inspired by flavour combinations and fresh produce, so it was a little odd to be inspired by the words of cannibals instead,” James explained.

The burgers are made with a mix of veal, chicken livers, bone marrow and pork in order to mimic the flavours described by cannibals, which range from veal to raw tuna.

The burgers will be given away for free in a pop-up shop in London called Terminus Tavern, with the location given away last on Twitter for those following #terminustavern.

You know what, we’re not feeling hungry…