Cheetos have released a PERFUME, and it smells like CHEESE PUFFS

Are you a fan of cheesy treats? Well, you can now smell just like them (we are serious).

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Cheetos have released a special scent, called "Cheetau", that smells just like their famous cheese puffs.

Is that not the most appalling thing you have ever heard?

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Anyway, this "ravishing scent is crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils taken from only the rarest Cheetos", according to the company website… and we are so grossed out.

HOWEVER, we cannot help but admire the marketing here, with the perfume proving very popular among cheese puff-lovers across the globe. 

The perfume costs a reasonable $18.99, and would make an interesting gift for the cheese lover in your life. 

Still nasty, though…