Check out what’s on in the cinema this week!


Start making plans for a few cosy trips to the cinema this week as it looks like you’ll be spoilt for choice!

From Hollywood’s finest women in The Homesman to sharp humour (and a few hotties) in Kingsman: The Secret Service, there’s a little something for everyone!

Here’s a sneak peek…

The Judge

October 17th

Robert Downey Jr is the lead in this drama, which he also produced. The Iron Man star plays big time Chicago lawyer Hank Palmer who returns to his tiny hometown for his mother’s funeral, only to discover that his estranged father is suspected of murdering another man in a hit-and-run. On his journey to discover the truth and defend his father, Hank reconnects with a place he had left behind long ago. Billy Bob Thornton and Leighton Meester also star.


The Homesman

October 17th

Hilary Swank gives her best performance in years in this period film, which got great reviews at Cannes Film Festival earlier in 2014 and is tipped as an Oscars contender. The actress plays a pioneer woman who strikes a deal with a man (Tommy Lee Jones) that she finds hanging from a noose, left for dead. She’ll cut him free if he’ll help her on her six week journey to Iowa, bringing with them three women who have been driven insane by the hardships of life on the Nebraskan plains. 


The Best Of Me

October 15th

Based on the novel by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me tells the story of star-crossed lovers Dawson (James Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) who find themselves together again after 20 years apart. Neither can forget their first true love – but can their relationship overcome the problems that drove them apart all those years ago? Bring the Kleenex!


Kingsman: The Secret Service

October 17th

This high-octane action comedy is directed by Matthew Vaughn, the man behind Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class. Colin Firth stars as veteran secret agent Harry Hart, who sees potential in a rough kid from the wrong side of the tracks. His aim is to train him up as part of the agency’s super-competitive spy training programme. Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine also star in what will surely be one of the biggest action flicks of the year.