Check out what’s on in the cinema this week!


If you're a fan of the Divergent series then you are probably already very excited about the next movie in the franchise, Insurgent, coming to Irish cinemas this Friday. 

However, there's also lots more to check out in the cinema this weekend so check these out and make a date! 

With a very random cast including Steve Martin, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, this animations sees the invasion of Earth by an alien race called Boov who come to make some major changes to the organisation of the human world. 

Shailene Woodley once again takes on the role of Tris in the second film of the book trilogy. Tris and Four are now on the run from the Erudite leader, Jeanine, played by Kate Winslet. Will they manage to protect their loved ones? 

The Voices
Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a seemingly regular man working at a bathtub company. However, all is not as it seems in this black comedy as Jerry also loves to talk to his pets (just like we do) but the only strange thing is they talk back… And what they get him to do goes beyond the bounds of normalcy.