Charlotte Dawson responds to cruel troll who prays she has a stillbirth


Ex On The Beach star, Charlotte Dawson is pregnant with her first child, with fiancé Matthew Sarsfield. 

Excited to welcome her little bundle of joy into the world, Charlotte has been sharing her pregnancy journey and bump-updates with her loyal followers on Instagram, since the beginning of her pregnancy.

However, after sharing an adorable photo of herself sat in front of her sparkling Christmas tree, with her growing bump proudly on display, Charlotte received quite a shocking comment from one of her followers.

“Let’s pray for a stillbirth,” the troll cruelly wrote.

Determined to call out whoever wrote this “disgusting” comment, Charlotte took a screenshot and shared it to her Instagram Stories. “Comments in my post like this, what the actual ****? Disgusting,” she captioned the screenshot.

Revealing why this comment hit a nerve for her, Charlotte then went on to talk about how her own mum experienced a heartbreaking stillbirth with Charlotte’s brother.

“What really annoyed me about that comment is that my mum has actually been through that so I've lost a brother and what these trolls don't realise when they make these horrible comments is that we've been through that as a family,” she admitted.

“Obviously I wasn't here when that happened, but people are so wrong, it's disgusting.”

Charlotte and Matthew revealed that they are expecting a baby boy, who is due to arrive late January 2021, a week before her dad, famous comedian Les Dawson would have turned 90-years-of-age, had he not sadly died from a heart attack when Charlotte was just eight-months-old.