Charlotte just confessed something BIG about the Geordie Shore cast!

Charlotte Crosby doesn't seem to be the greatest fan of one of the new additions to the Geordie Shore cast – and in true Charlotte style she's not afraid to talk about it either.

Nathan Henry and Chloe Etherington were drafted in as new cast members for the upcoming series of the reality show which airs next month.

While Charlotte has come around to Nathan already, there's already been some tension on set between herself and brashy 19-year-old Chloe, the youngest current cast member.

"It's always weird when we get new people on Geordie Shore, so it took me a long time to accept Nathan and Chloe," she admitted in her Star magazine column.

"I really like Nathan – he's funny and different. But with Chloe I was shocked – everything about her feels like she's trying to be me."

It turns out Chloe even imitates one of Charlotte's more notorious drunken habits! "She walked in and started talking about how she p****s herself," said Charlotte. Ew! "But I do get on with her – when she's not screaming."

Speaking to Reveal magazine about her first few weeks of filming, Chloe said she was confident that she would hit it off with all of the other cast members even before she entered the house.

"Going in the house I obviously was nervous that people wouldn't like us, but then I thought 'I'm a nice person, they have no reason not to like me'. Everyone was so nice, I knew straight away we would get on," she said.

Hmm… wonder what she'll think of Charlotte's latest comments!