Charlotte Crosby hits out at critics of her weight loss

Charlotte Crosby has lost over three stone since beginning her health and fitness overhaul last year, and she's not afraid to flaunt her svelte new figure on social media.

Last week though, the Geordie Shore star sparked concern among fans when she posted a picture of herself looking tinier than ever in a white bodycon dress.

Comments on the post said the 24-year-old was looking "too skinny" and had "gone too far."

Charlotte has hit back at the criticism and concern, saying she doesn't plan on losing any more weight but that she is not ashamed of being "obsessed" with exercise.

"I'm not planning on losing anymore, but I certainly won't be putting in on," she wrote in her column for Star magazine. "I am obsessed with exercising but in a good way – I enjoy it and it's a huge part of my life."

Charlotte said she didn't mind the criticism, adding, "Mind you, I'd rather have people say I'm too thin than too fat."

As a further dig at her critics, the reality star took to Instagram yesterday to share an open letter to her body, posting a picture of herself in workout gear with the message, "Dear body, About 1 year ago, I constantly covered you up! And didn't look after you. I felt ashamed but with hard work determination and #3minutebellyBlitz, you brewed up a STORM and now your [sic] here in all your glory! It is my PROMISE to you to show you off as often as I can!!! And that includes all over my instagram. Lots of love Charlotte."

We're glad to see Charlotte is proud of her new shape, but we hope she stays healthy all the same.