Channing Tatum opens up about interesting family routines


Channing Tatum, the 34-year-old star of Magic Mike has recently opened up about his family life and it's only left us wanting more! Channing met his wife, dancer and actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum, on the set of Step Up in 2006 and the talented couple welcomed baby Everly into their lives in May of last year, but it seems like family life hasn't dulled the energetic pair.

Talking about their morning routine, Channing says: “Dance battles do sort of happen, to be honest! When we wake up in the morning we put on music, and while Everly's eating we dance and it just starts to get stupid.”

Everly has obviously inherited her parents flair for dance as Channing describes her nappy changing routine as pretty intense. “It's almost like a break-dancing battle to get it in her. As soon as you lay her down, she's bridging out of it and doing some jujitsu windmill.” Sounds like mornings in the Tatum household are a lot more fun than ours anyway!

While most couples cringe at the thought of watching their partners sex scenes on film, this laidback pair make a joke out of it. “She watches when I do love scenes and we've had to kind of find our way with it. She'll cover my eyes and I'll cover hers. It's all in good fun.”

Sounds like the Tatum's have a pretty interesting domestic setting, right?