Celebrity tattoos: from the tasteful to the downright tacky!

We’ve all done things we might now regret, but were perhaps not as quick to admit it as Charlotte Crosby.

Recently, the star revealed a new tattoo on her upper arm – a letter ‘M’ for on-and-off boyfriend, Mitch.

Just a fortnight later, she made her decision process crystal clear: ‘‘I was still a bit p****d from the night before and was trying to show off”. Right.

Charlotte’s certainly not the first celeb to regret a tattoo. Back in 2013, Kelly Osbourne documented her laser removal journey in raw detail on her social media accounts, encouraging her followers to think twice before inking and even posting images of her laser sessions:

Last year, she warned of how ‘horrendously painful’ the laser process was, as she elected to have some of her more frivolous pieces removed – though her tattoo in tribute of Ozzy, which reads ‘Daddy’ on her left forearm, is most definitely here to stay.

Back in the 1990s, Melanie Griffith also had regrettable ink done – the name of her then-husband, Antonio Banderas, surrounded by a heart. Her removal process wasn’t as clean as Kelly’s, though; she opted to remove just Antonio’s name, and what remains of the heart is a tad blurry. Perhaps she just couldn’t stand the pain!

Those who appreciate simpler tattoos might appreciate one of Scarlett Johansson’s. The star has a really pretty and unique charm bracelet tattoo on her right wrist, as a tribute to her favourite city – the tiny charm reads ‘I <3 New York’.

From the simple to the, eh… sophisticated, Cheryl’s detailed derrière caused quite a bit of a stir when she first shared a picture back in 2013.

People went nuts over her decision to cover her bum in roses – but surely she thought quite hard about it.

Love it or hate it, that extent of coverage requires commitment.

Hours of design, inking and healing would surely have gone into what is arguably the most gutsy tattoo we’ve seen from a celeb!

Deirdre Foley is a history grad, sceptic, wearer of red lipstick and self-confessed 'beauty maniac'. She is also the co-founder of fabulous Irish beauty blog, Viva Adonis.