Celebrity couple show off their really weird skill!


Most couples spend their Saturday nights curled up on the couch or out on the town.

Not Adam Levine and model wife Behati Prinsloo, though.

Oh no. They much prefer climbing on top of each other for a bout of extreme couple’s yoga!

Victoria’s Secret model Behati took to Instagram last night to share a strange but equally impressive photo of herself basically planking on her Maroon 5 husband’s back.

Is he in pain? He looks like he might be in pain.

Stunning Behati shared the photo on her Instagram account, with the caption reading: “Stuff that happens after sunset.”

We take it that this is a regular occurrence in their lives since their wedding in July, then? Well, at least they’re not bored of married life yet!

Between this latest sneak peek into their home life activities, and their creepy antics in the controversial new Maroon 5 video, they certainly know how to grab attention.