Celebrate a Lighter Lifestyle

As a nation, we are total cheese lovers – and it’s a fact too! According to a new survey from Dubliner Lighter, almost 100 percent of us eat cheese on a weekly basis. And in a world of healthy living and eating, it’s not hard to see why –it’s bursting with a host of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12. However, one thing over 80 percent of respondents did not know, is that there is 11.2g of protein in 40g of Dubliner Lighter cheese, snatching the top protein snack title from other much-loved and more popular protein fuelled snacks including nuts (8g), avocados (0.8g) and quinoa (1.8g) per 40g.

When commenting, Dr Marianne Walsh, Nutritionist, National Dairy Council, says;

“Irish consumers are becoming increasingly interested in health and nutrition. They understand now more than ever the role that protein plays in contributing to normal muscle and bone health. Ireland is well known for its top quality and sustainable dairy production, with one of the longest grass-growing seasons in the world. Cheese production is a large part of this dairy heritage and a natural, local product, which is high in many important nutrients, including protein.”

As for dieting, 65 percent of the population admitted to dieting from time to time, 80 percent do not eliminate dairy from their diet and only 3 percent eliminate cheese. In fact, recent research carried out by Bord Bia shows that 45 percent of Irish people admitted that they ‘couldn’t live without cheese’, with respondents confirming that cheese is their go-to snack
In an era of healthy living and lifestyles, where following health & fitness gurus on Insta is practically a national past time, Irish people have become increasingly interested in health, nutrition and well-being.
Our lives are still incredibly busy, so finding quick and easy bites that are lunchbox friendly is important and cheese ticks all the boxes – it’s a nutrient dense snack, making you feel fuller for longer; it has a high protein content and 38% of your recommended intake for calcium (40g serving). Irish people are already tapping into the benefits of lighter cheese, especially post workout, as almost 80% do eat, or will now consider eating lighter cheese as a post workout snack. It’s great for cooking too and Dubliner Lighter Cheese have a brilliant selection of recipes from the humble a French toastie to the healthy and tasty Taco Fries, or a crowd-pleasing Phyllo Pizza. And, you will not have to compromise on taste with 64% of those asked, agreeing that lighter cheese tastes just as good as full-fat cheese.


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