Casual Fridays – how to dress down your office look


Not every workplace has a Casual Friday policy – and of course, not every workplace requires you to dress up in the first place. If you're working in an office environment though, you may notice that things are a little more relaxed on the last day of the week, as everyone gets into weekend mode. While it's never really going to be acceptable to show up in yoga pants and a hoody (boo!) you can usually take things down a notch when it comes to planning your Friday outfit.

It can be difficult to work out just how low-key to go – and you definitely don't want to make the mistake of going too casual. Here are a few tips to help you strike the balance between professional and fun…

1. To denim or not to denim?
If you're dying to get your jeans on by the end of the week, it can be possible to work them into your office outfit – but be careful. Rips, bleached denim and low-risers should all be avoided. If it's something you can't imagine your boss wearing, you shouldn't consider it either. Go for a muted colour, like Lauren Conrad's forest green pair – perfect for easing into the weekend! Darker denim washes are also a good choice, or try a relaxed chino like Amanda Seyfried:

2. Blaze a trail
If you're wearing jeans, a blazer is a great wear to still look relatively professional. Avoid anything too cropped or tight – a longer blazer looks far more put-together. Victoria Beckham's relaxed black one gives a touch of luxury to her outfit, while Emma Watson's cobalt blue blazer is a great option for any day of the week:

3. On the button
A loose blouse or shirt is a great way to bring some summer fun to your outfit. Avoid sheer fabrics at all costs – they're just too risky for the office – but cottons and silks are great alternatives. Cameron Diaz looks just the right side of sexy in this white button-down. If you find a shirt too stuffy for Fridays, take a leaf out of Jessica Alba's book and throw a sleek silk kimono over a white vest or tee.

4. Get to the point
If standard footwear in your office is stilettos, you'll be glad of a break come Friday. A pointed-toe flat is a more professional option than round-toe ballet flats – Miranda Kerr looks totally classy in hers. If you need that extra inch or two, try a heeled ankle boot like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – great with jeans or tights.