Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez and Lightsabers


Cara Delevingne and Michele Rodiguez seem to be joined at the hip lately.

We’re sure their latest antics gave London commuters a giggle as the pair were spotted walking through Paddington station carrying lightsabers.

They were out paintballing to celebrating Cara’s birthday – she likes to organise them “six months or so late” – before getting the train.

In fact, their particularly wild antics have people guessing they are a couple .

Adding fuel to the relationship rumour, the ladies were apparently “very affectionate with each other” during the game. They even stripped down to their underwear, to the delight of the male players, to put on their combat suits.

The pair are looking for a place in London after Cara reportedly asked the 35-year-old to move in with her.

They are going to split their time between the UK and LA, so we’re sure this is not the last of the strange happenings from the Delevingne-Rodriguez duo.