Cameron Diaz has a few skin tips to share

Cameron Diaz, star of There’s Something About Mary, has written a book – The Body Book to be exact.

Not only is it a must have beauty book, it also a capture of the life of the actress behind the camera.

In the book, Cameron admits that she grew up eating junk food and confesses that her diet caused her to have “the worst skin”.

Admitting that she tried everything to banish the spots, it wasn’t until in her late twenties that the blonde beauty realised that the problem was what she was putting into her body.

The My Best Friend’s Wedding actress took so long to change because people kept telling her she was “so skinny” that she could eat whatever she wanted. However, the gorgeous 41-year-old “felt sick in [her] own body” so she decided a change was needed.

She does admit that hormonal changes could have helped clear her skin, but she is adamant that her improved diet played a defining role.

She writes: “As my eating style evolved and I quit putting processed foods into my body, a funny thing happened … my skin began to clear up.”