‘Bundle of love’: Eva Longoria shares adorable pics of son’s b-day


Eva Longoria's son is the cutest baby we've ever seen.

Now at four-months-old, little Santiago is looking more like his mama every day.

The mum took to Instagram to pen her boy a sweet birthday message, reflecting on the day she met him for the first time.


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“My little angel is four-months-old today! It’s going by too fast!” she wrote.

“I still look at Santi and wonder how my body created and nourished this little bundle of love! Truly a miracle!

“From the moment he was placed in my arms, I knew no love like this before. Happy four-month Birthday mi Santi precioso!!!”

The doting mother shared her message with photos of her happy Santi.


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He is laying on his colourful play mat in a onesie decorated with bikes, trains, and cars. His big brown eyes are looking up at his mum with so much love.

All smiles and sticking out his tongue cheekily, the boy looks truly content in the photos.

Many parents have commented on the actress’ post, saying how cute he looks.

“Looks just like you, Eva”, recognised one mum.

“He’s so precious”, said another.


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The Desperate Housewives star welcomed her son into the world in June, choosing the adorable name of Santiago Enrique Bastón.

Although he is her first child, being a mum is nothing new to Eva, for she spends time parenting her husband José's three children as well.

So, tiny Santi gets to play with his with his older siblings as he grows more and more each day.

Happy four-month-birthday, Santiago! We hope have the best day with your mum.