Bruce’s big reveal is Kris’ ‘worst nightmare’ right now


While it looks like the Kardashian/ Jenner family are adjusting effortlessly to Bruce Jenner's big news, there's at least one member of the family who is having a slightly harder time.

World-famous momager, Kris Jenner, is starting to feel the strain following intense media speculation regarding her ex-husband's 'journey'.

Upon learning that Bruce is intending to share his transition from man to woman in a docu-series, Kris has called for a family intervention.

A source close to the family opened up about Kris's reaction, saying: "She's preparing a family intervention and she means business."

According to insiders, Kris, who is currently in Paris, feels like she's out of the loop when it comes to this life-changing decision and is determined to get properly clued in on the events that are unfolding back in LA.

Revealing how the mum-of-six is feeling at this point in time, the source said: "Paris was supposed to be fun but it's turned into Kris' worst nightmare because of all the drama back home and she's not there to control it."

Apparently Kim's mum feels that she's not being given the opportunity to support her family during this time, with an insider revealing: "Kris understands Bruce has a story to tell but she feels the girls need to let her in on what's going on with their father so she can help the situation."

It must be a tough time for Kris right now.