Bruce Jenner just made a BIG decision about his future


Bruce Jenner's decision to transition to life as a woman has been all but confirmed from other sources, but he has yet to speak out about it himself – and now it's unclear when we will hear from him.

The reality star's mother Esther and step-daughter Kim have both spoken about in support of Bruce's choices, and up until now it was believed that Bruce himself would discuss his plans in a new TV show of his own.

However it's now been revealed that Bruce has decided to put the reality docuseries on hold, as he felt under too much pressure to change his plans to fit a tight filming schedule.

A source tells TMZ that Bruce "told producers two weeks ago he felt like they were rushing him and compromising his family by gunning for a May air date."  

The former Olympian understandably wants to make sure his children – particularly his three sons Brody, Brandon and Burt – are all comfortable with his decision before pressing ahead with the new show.

He reportedly felt like the show's producers were driving what happened more than he was and felt it wasn't a good move for him or his family at the moment.

Having recently being involved in a car crash in which a woman was tragically killed, Bruce also felt he needed time and space to let things settle.

There's a "99.9% chance the docuseries will happen," says a source close to the show, but Bruce is still entitled to back out if he wishes.

Despite the delay and possible cancellation of Bruce's reality show, his pre-recorded tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer will still air as planned, though no details have been announced yet.