Brittany Murphy’s dad slams producers of his daughter’s biopic

Brittany Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti is really not happy about the biopic about his late daughter. He took to Twitter to voice his opinion after cringing while watching the trailer.

“I am disgusted and outraged that Lifetime decided to produce such a trashy project, defiling the memory of my beautiful, talented daughter, Brittany Murphy.”

“Lifetime’s casting was atrocious, Amanda Fuller, the girl playing Brittany, looks absolutely nothing like her. Everyone looks ridiculous in their bad wigs and the dialogue is nauseating.”

“#brttanymurphy would have been MORTIFIED if she knew what a mockery they made of her life and her gorgeous looks and talent. #unauthorized”

Amanda Fuller has replied to the comments in a recent interview and said she has had to block Brittany’s dad from Twitter:

“He can do what he wants. But I just think it is interesting that the minute she is back in the press he is all about, ‘I am going to sue’ and all that stuff. If he really respected his daughter's memory then I don't know if he would be trying to make all this controversy about it. Let her rest in peace.

“It is what it is. All of our hearts were in the right place. I had two days to prepare.

“I would have loved to have months of preparation and time to get down to a really skinny body so I could portray her physically better.

“We would have loved to have had more money and more time for vocal lessons and stuff like that. But in the end, I think it became less of it being a look-alike piece and more about just trying to capture the essence of who she was.”

While it can’t blame Angelo for being upset at what he sees as an inaccurate portrayal of his daughter, we really feel sorry for Amanda Fuller! It can’t be easy getting that kind of abuse when you’ve done your best!