Breathing exercises to help calm you down

Feeling overwhelmed, can often leave you with feelings of panic.  However, a couple of breathing exercises can help you to feel a whole lot better.

Take 10 breaths
If you are starting to feel overwhelmed try to take ten breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth, counting to ten for each one.

Slow deep breaths
If the 10 deep breaths didn’t work, try to get more oxygen into your body by taking slow, deep breaths. Concentrate on keeping your breathing slow and steady, until you feel a lot more relaxed.

Connect with your body
People who feel a panic attack coming on, would do well to place one hand on their chest and another on their stomach. You can feel your breathing which will help you connect with your body and distract yourself.

Hold your nose
Simply take a breath, close your nostrils with your fingers, hold for about 4 seconds and release.

4 second breaths
Inhale and hold for four seconds, then exhale for another four. Concentrating on you counting is great for distracting you from what is happening around you.