BPerfect Cosmetics launches new illuminator range and we love it


BPerfect Cosmetics has the answer to your glowing demands, making your gleaming dreams come true with our newest addition to their growing range – Persian Gold.

The new face and body illuminator has been created to make your skin look super dewy and wet, while drying down completely to ensure there are no transfers to your clothing.

The products work beautifully all over the face and body. They give a gorgeous glow when buffed onto the face as an illuminating base or as a highlighter on top of your foundation for an added layer of luminosity to the skin.

There are 3 shades in the collection:

Mercury has a soft white gold shimmer with pearl highlights – perfect for lighter skin tones. The shade was named 'Mercury' as it is the only form of metal that melts into liquid at room temperature.

Ari is a lustrous golden shimmery shade with soft notes of champagne shimmers to match any skin tone. This shade is perfect for a medium skin tone due to its golden finish.

Taláyi is a rich bronze shimmer shade with luxe golden accents and looks great on deeper skin tones. The Persian word for gold is Taláyi and captures the culture behind the collection entirely as well as the essence of the products.

Persian gold, while adding a glistening sheen to the skin also adds coverage – it is fast drying, long wearing and water resistant too.

The range is now available on the bPerfect website for €22.95.