Body shamed for wearing a crop top: This woman is taking a stand

For some reason people still feel that it's okay to comment negatively on the appearances of others, despite the body positivity message reaching the ears of individuals worldwide.

This judgement can be escalated online, and Instagram model Noonie discovered this in an awful way, after a meme page stole her image and used it to slate her body. 

Using the puke emoji and the whale emoji, the cruel page said that people should leave the crop tops to 'us skinny girls,'


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The horrible slating has not held Noonie back, as she regrammed the post with a pretty powerful message. 

'No I don't have the flat stomach to flex in a crop top/bralette but I have a muffin top to do so.'

'I don't know why people still body shame at this point.

'It's quit pointless if you ask me.'(sic)

'It's just like making a fake profile to be someone you're not. You don't have to be skinny to rock a crop top or bralette.'

'To my ladies with stomached wear whatever the hell you want and make every feel uncomfortable.' (sic)

'As women we have to learn to build each other up instead of trying to break each other down.'

Hear, hear, crop tops and bralettes for all!