Body Piercing Studio Tips For After Piercing Care


Just like adopting a cat or a dog, new piercings also require proper attention, love, and care. Taking care of your body piercings is very important. Looking after the piercings right from the beginning can be the difference between an attractive piece of body art and an infection that has to be taken out.

This is why you must follow the instructions given by your piercer and make sure that the body piercing studio where you get your piercings is clean. The End Is Near is a well-known body piercing studio in Brooklyn, NY. They always use new needles for every client that comes in. Working with such trusted professionals reduces the chance of problems after piercings.

Once you’ve got your body piercings done, we suggest that you follow these after piercing care tips to prevent complications and infections.

Don’t Clean The Piercings Right Away

Now that you’ve got your piercings done, you may want to clean them as soon as you reach home. Quite the contrary. It’s better to clean the piercings the next day.

After a piercing is done, you must avoid doing things that may cause it to get dirty or irritated. This means that you should be careful not to get your piercings bumped or rubbed against other things, especially your ears, to avoid irritating them.

Learn How To Clean Your Piercings Properly

It’s not that hard to clean your piercings. You just have to make it a habit to clean them regularly. It’s always good to clean your piercings while you are practicing your regular hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth or taking a bath.

Here’s how to clean your piercings the right way.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before you start cleaning your piercings. The last thing you want is to introduce bacteria to your piercings because it is an open wound and is vulnerable to infection. Keep in mind not to touch your piercings, especially if your hands are dirty.

Get a cotton ball and saturate it with warm water to clean the area around the piercing.

Take a considerable amount of unscented liquid soap and apply it to the pierced area and the jewelry. Make sure that the soap is spread around the pierced area. Avoid moving or rotating the jewelry when applying the soap. Such movements can introduce bacteria from the jewelry into the wound, which may cause irritation and infection. Spread the soap everywhere around the pierced area very carefully so that you can avoid moving the jewelry.

Rinse the pierced area and the jewelry several times with clean, warm water, making sure that the soap has been removed properly.

You can then use a clean paper towel or cloth to dry the piercing.

After Piercing Care Dos

For body piercings, make sure to wear clothes that are made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or silk. They will allow your piercing wounds to breathe, which accelerates the healing process. Synthetic fibers don’t let your piercings breathe and can slow down healing.

As for women, you have to be extra conscious of the bras, paddings, and underwear. This is especially important if you have a nipple or genital piercings as they may cause irritation.

Make sure that your body gets enough food supplements to help boost the healing process. Ensure that you’re getting good amounts of iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, and zinc. All these are important for the healing process.

Drink plenty of water every day. Water helps clean your body, which also accelerates healing.

After Piercing Care Don’ts

Never touch your piercings, especially if you have dirty hands. Don’t let anyone touch your piercings.

Try to keep body hair away from your piercings as they carry lots of oils and bacteria.

Avoid swimming in public pools, bathtubs, and lakes during the healing process.

Avoid twisting or taking out the piercing before the wound is fully healed as it may hinder the healing process and cause damage.

Taking care of your new body piercings is pretty simple. And if you follow the tips mentioned above, they may even heal a lot faster than you anticipate. Remember, your body piercings will either become an enviable body art or a nasty infection depending on how you take care of them.

Just make sure to clean the piercings regularly. If you don’t, it increases the chances of getting an infection. Make sure that you follow all the instructions given by your piercer so that the piercings can heal quickly and you can switch out the jewelry faster.