Blake Lively consoles her husband as he is BOOED at Cannes Film Festival


Poor Ryan Reynolds!

The actor is being consoled by his beautiful wife Blake Lively after his film, The Captive, was booed at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ryan stars in The Captive alongside Rosario Dawson but the movie was met with a bad reception when it was screened at the French festival.

It also received a scathing review from Variety magazine who called it “a ludicrous abduction thriller.”

The actor and his wife also chose to skip the after-party – with many speculating it was down to the bad reviews.

Thankfully, Blake was on hand to make her husband feel better about the whole affair, with a source saying: [It] looked like Blake was trying to cheer him up a few times … she rubbed his arm like she was consoling him and kept whispering in his ear.”