Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds caught up in photo scandal


It’s an incredibly exciting time for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, having recently welcomed their daughter, James, to the world.

However, drama is never too far away in Hollywood, as the latest reports regarding the couple have proven.

According to sources, the couple have been dragged into a photo scandal, with private photos of their newborn daughter reportedly stolen by a former close friend.

It is believed that a laptop containing at least 15 private photos of little James was stolen from the couple’s home, with the images now up for sale to the highest bidder.

Among the images is said to be one of doting dad Ryan cradling his daughter against his chest, with James’ hospital wrist tag clearly visible.

Given how private the couple have been when it comes to their daughter, even keeping the details of her name a secret, we can’t imagine how horrified they must be.

Let’s hope that they are able to get the images back before they are leaked and show up everywhere.