Big Sean reveals what he REALLY thinks about Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have kept very quiet about their relationship so far, with rumours swirling around for weeks about whether the two were even together.

In recent weeks they've appeared in public more and more though, and now it seems Big Sean is ready to open up about his true feelings. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the rapper sounded totally smitten. "That Ariana is very, very special. She's very special to me," he said. Aaaw!

He mentioned that he likes to keep his personal life private, but did hint that the two have a great bond. "Everything she has going on is good with her, everything I have going on is good with me, everything between me and her is good, and I'm just going to leave it at that," he explained.

The singer has spoken before about the great spark between him and his new lady when they're onstage. "The chemistry between me and her when we work is great… We've been friends for years before anything else," he said in an interview earlier this month.

We're glad to hear that the couple have found happiness again – Big Sean must still be reeling from his break-up with ex-fiancée Naya Rivera back in April.

 In July, Naya wed actor Ryan Dorsey, on the same date that her and Big Sean had planned to marry. Ouch.

Despite the awkward split, Big Sean says his angry break-up song I Don't F**k WIth You actually ISN'T about Naya… in fact he wrote it when the couple were still together. "It's funny how records, sometimes they relate to you more later on, sometimes they don't," he said in his interview with Ryan. "Obviously it kind of fits my situation."

Hmmm… not sure if we're buying that explanation!