Best Dressed: Daisy Lowe


Model Daisy Lowe loves adding variety to her style and can be seen in anything from demure knee-length skirts to denim hotpants with a crop top.

We love her look so we picked our four favourite outfits.

The first is a girly ankle-length skirt that is slightly see-through, matched with a long-sleeve bodysuit. We love that she kept the top half of the outfit modest due to the revealing bottom half. A very important style rule!

Although she didn’t quite keep to this rule for her second outfit we still love it. It’s a great red carpet look because it’s classic and simple but still young and fun.

Her third look is quite feminine and a little bit Mad Men-esque, which you can never go wrong with – unless you sport a beehive.

This final look is so stunning we’re jealous just looking at it. The dress fits her perfectly and has a very sexy side slit with beautiful waist detailing. Can we have it please?

daisy collage