Beauty mistakes you didn’t know you were making!


With so many different beauty products on the market, each for a different purpose or a different skn type, it can be daunting trying to work out what's right and wrong for you. Are you using the right day cream? Is that primer necessary? How much mascara is too much? 

But some of the most common beauty mistakes are simpler than you might think. Here are a few that most of us make on a regular basis and that are easy bad habits to kick!

1. Forgetting to clean your brushes regularly
It's one of the most boring beauty chores, but cleaning your brushes is so important for keeping your skin clear and ensuring your beauty tools do the best job they can. Leaving leftover product on brushes means your skin is more likely to become irritated and break out – never good. Overloading your brushes with different pigment also makes it more difficult to apply your make-up precisely. Try to clean your brushes at least once a week using lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo.

2. Testing foundation on the back of your hand
Our faces and hands receive different amounts of sun exposure, so they are generally different tones. Rather than comparing foundation shades by applying them to the back of your hand, try testing them on your jawline instead.

3. Not taking your make-up off every night
Sure, your make-up will wash off just fine in the shower tomorrow morning, but sleeping in it tonight is still a very bad idea for your poor skin. Even if you're not prone to breakouts, sleeping with your face on causes make-up particles to settle in your pores, enlarging them over time. The key to looking youthful no matter what your age? Start looking after your skin now!

4. Wearing too much foundation
One of the most common mistakes us Irish ladies make is to cake our entire face in foundation even if we only have uneven skin tone on certain parts of our face. Avoid the "orange mask" look and only use foundation on key areas like your T-zone – as long as your foundation is well matched to your skin tone you don't need to apply it all over!

5. Not applying concealer properly
Rather than just swiping concealer under the eyes, apply it in an upside-down triangle with the point touching the apple of each cheek. This reflects light upward, brightening those dark under-eye circles. Stop concealer from fading by setting it with a small amount of translucent powder.